With offices in Los Angeles and Abidjan, Basic Lead helps companies access business in Africa, a world region encompassing 54 countries with 1.2 billion people and where five main languages are spoken: English, French, Arabic, Swahili and Portuguese. We organize business events that drive engagement with qualified buyers and influencers and where decision-making level executives meet to negotiate, discuss opportunities and close deals. We build and update databases. We deliver qualified meetings, high-level connections and targeted visibility. We also help our clients follow-up with their prospects.

USA | 5967 West Third Street | Suite 350 | Los Angeles, CA. 90036 | TEL + 1 323 782 13 00

COTE D’IVOIRE | Avenue Nogues & Rue du Commerce | Abidjan | TEL + 225 20 22 5866

EMAIL: patrickzuchowicki@basicleAd.com